High potential sectors

High potential sectors in the Silesia Province are, among others: the IT/ITC, automotive, power and medical industries.

IT/ITC sector

The success of the Silesia Province as an important IT services center is, first and foremost, the availability of skilled workers. The unique and most valuable resource – people – are easily accessible and specialists render services that are on a par with the world standards.

The Silesia Province is the second biggest academic center in the country with a wide range of science, research and academic institutions that are involved in a multitude of international projects. Almost 39 thousand people in the region study at institutes of technology.

There are very big concentration of IT companies, such as: Kroll Ontrack in Katowice, Wasko in Gliwice, Wilk Elektronik in Laziska Gorne, IBM in Katowice, Ente in Gliwice, Kamsoft in Katowice, Mediarecovery in Katowice, Ailleron in Bielsko-Biala.

Automotive industry

The main automotive production hub in Poland was created in the Silesia Province as a result of the influx of foreign investments.

The huge number of automotive industry companies that function in the region and the wide variety of business activities these companies are involved with give potential investors virtually unlimited possibilities for cooperation with those entities. The following companies have production plants in the Province, e.g., Opel in Gliwice, FCA (earlier: Fiat), Lear in Tychy, TRW in Czechowice-Dziedzice, NGK Ceramics in Gliwice, Brembo in Dabrowa Gornicza and Czestochowa, Valeo in Czechowice-Dziedzice. In addition to automobile manufacturers, there are numerous suppliers of systems, units, components, standardized solutions, as well as suppliers of car parts and raw materials.

Power industry

The Silesia Province is a favorable place to test and implement innovative solutions in the power industry, since it has a well-developed infrastructure, high population density and many industries.

These features promote the development of technologies both within the sector as well as encourage the creation of innovative solutions that are related to environmental protection, information technology, automation and the machine industry. The utilization of renewable energy sources is also an attractive feature.  

The solar technologies market is developing rapidly with solar panels and photovoltaic systems. The northern part of the Province has favorable conditions for utilizing thermal water as a source of power.

There are large number of companies operating in the sector, for example: Tauron Polska Energia in Katowice, EDF Polska - branch in Rybnik, SFW Energia in Gliwice, EcoJura in Czestochowa.

Medical sector

Investment opportunities related to the medical sector in the Silesia Province are primarily in the areas of advanced medical engineering, biotechnology, material engineering, IT and electronics technologies.

The region is home to the Medical University of Silesia, which educates health care professionals who participate in cutting-edge research projects. Moreover, the University of Silesia and the Silesian University of Technology, as well as other technical institutions of higher education, offer biotechnological majors and specializations.



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