7th Edition of the Global Entrepreneurship Week in the Silesia Province

published: Nov 14, 2014, category: Investors zone

This year's edition will be held on November 17-23, under the banner: "Entrepreneurship has many faces". 

The Global Entrepreneurship Week is a worldwide initiative aimed at promotion of entrepreneurship, especially among young people. Since the first edition in 2008, the initiative has already spread to 150 countries. It is a special event, since it gathers public, as well as, private and non-governmental institutions, companies and schools, universities and members of the public. For one week every year, all of these entities organize free trainings, lectures and debates, which support the development of entrepreneurship in a given country. 

The organizer of the Global Entrepreneurship Week in Poland is the Foundation for Global Entrepreneurship Week, supported by regional coordinators in the provinces and local partners in particular cities. The Marshal Office of the Silesia Province undertook the task of coordinating the events in our region. The Province also organizes one of the events promoting entrepreneurship – the Business Social Responsibility conference as part of the development of entrepreneurship in the Silesia Province. 

Source: www.tydzienprzedsiebiorczosci.pl