Investor's zone

The Silesia Province is the most attractive region in Poland in terms of investment, and in this respect, it is also one of the leaders in the world.

One of the pillars for the high position of Silesia investment appeal is the Katowice Special Economic Zone (KSSE), which has attracted direct investments worth almost EUR 6 billion, and has created more than 56 thousand new job vacancies as well as another jobs in the vicinity of the zone. Confirmation of these results is its 1st place ranking in Europe in rankings of economic zones that was conducted by fDi Intelligence (Financial Times Research Centre) in year 2015 and in year 2016.

The Silesia Province is one of the strongest regions in Poland in terms of the economy (12.4% of GDP) and demography (almost 4.6 mln people). It is the most urbanized area in Central and Eastern Europe, and has the highest country average population density and urban population indicator – 77.1%. Investors are supported by many business environment institutions.

The traditional Silesian work ethic is the strong suit of the inhabitants of Silesia, because it is here that people have worked in the industries that were built on new technologies for generations. Silesia is also a region that can be proud of its of innovation and creative personnel. Over 2.8 million people in working age and almost 119 thousand students guarantee large and diverse workforce as well as the large and absorptive power of the outlet market.

The region has the densest network of expressways and freeways in the country and it is close to Czech and Slovakian border. There are six European capitals within a distance of 600 kilometers from Katowice: Warsaw, Berlin, Prague, Budapest, Vienna and Bratislava. The Euroterminal in Sławków (a broad gauge railway) provides a direct connection to markets of Asia. The Katowice International Airport ranks first, among regional airports, in terms of cargo services.

In Silesia almost 119 thousand people study in 38 institutions of higher education, more than 32.7% of whom choose majors in technical education institutions . Moreover, a well-developed vocational education has always been characteristic of the region.

The tourist attractions of Silesia include the Pauline Monastery of Jasna Góra in Częstochowa, the Beskidy Mountains and the Industrial Monuments Route – the only regional route of industrial tourism in Poland.

The region is an important trade, exhibition and conference center. One of the events that is organized annually is the European Economic Congress. It is the largest business event in Central Europe and creates a space for the exchange of ideas of political, business, scientific and economic leaders.

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Important information for foreign investors (source: Polish Investment and Trade Agency - earlier: Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency):

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 up-dating: October 2017